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I started as a DJ in the early 80s with the turn tables and mixers in Queens. I used to do house parties, smaller events, just enough to keep me in the “in'' while living in Long Island. However, my life took an unexpected turn when I decided to get into the automotive industry and move to Iowa with my family. I owned several businesses leading up to Bob Brown and I pursued this career until now I decided to get back to my roots and do something for me. I always had an interest in DJ-ing and music, but now I’m at a point where I am able to follow my passions. Some might call this a mid-life crisis, I call it a new chapter in my ongoing, very interesting memoir. Besides DJing, I love to work out, watch the steelers, and eat chicken. Yes, my ringtone is “stick em on a chicken”.


DJ Robby Rob Productions is a passion project for me and I am always trying to find the best new tech, lighting, speakers, or whatever to make my business stand out. I pride myself on being upfront and honest with what is going on, and staying professional and positive. You can find a lot of different people who want to DJ but I will make sure your event is smooth and fun from beginning to end. I always like to end with my catchphrase...


“Give a brother a chance!”


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To get your new or preowned cars, please see my team at Bob Brown Chevrolet in Urbandale, IA! 

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